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Discover the Majestic Beauty of November Birthstone Topaz December 12, 2023

The Origins

Topaz is a mineral made of fluorine, aluminum, and silicon, often found in Brazil, Russia, and Sri Lanka. It's usually found along with granite rocks or in alluvial deposits along streambeds. The stone has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, making it durable and long-lasting. Topaz was considered valuable in ancient times, especially in Egypt, where it was believed to have magical powers.

The Color of Topaz

Topaz is an incredibly diverse stone, available in a range of colors such as yellow, orange, pink, blue, red, and brown. The most common colors are natural yellow, pink, and blue hues. The orange topaz variety is known as Imperial topaz and is highly prized due to its rarity. On the other hand, the blue topaz is produced by irradiating natural colorless topazes, turning them into sky blue to midnight blue.

Orange Topaz, Perfect for Couples

Clodius and Co.'s November birthstone topaz collection features an exquisite range of orange and brown topazes. The warm golden hues of orange topaz reflect light beautifully, making a statement on any piece of jewelry. The beauty of orange topaz is that it's not just diverse in color, but it also comes in a range of sizes, shapes, and cuts, allowing you to customize your jewelry to suit your tastes. Couples looking to add a touch of luxury to their love can opt for Clodius and Co.'s orange topaz engagement rings or wedding bands.

Blue Topaz, a Rare and Valuable Jewel

The blue topaz is a rare and valuable gemstone, prized above many other blue gemstones such as sapphires. The stone's treatment process involves exposing colorless topazes to radiation, ensuring its color is stable and will not change over time. Clodius and Co. have a stunning collection of blue topaz jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. If you're searching for something unique, mix and match blue topaz with diamonds or pearls to create a luxurious and sophisticated look.

How to Care for Your Topaz Jewelry

Topaz, a gemstone renowned for its exceptional hardness and durability, possesses the remarkable ability to withstand the test of time and endure daily wear and tear. However, you must care for your topaz jewelry to ensure its longevity. Avoid exposing your topaz to harsh chemicals, heat, and extreme temperatures. Clean your topaz jewelry with warm, soapy water before rinsing and drying it with a soft cloth. Store your topaz jewelry away from other jewelry to avoid scratches.


Clodius and Co. offers an exceptional collection of November birthstone topaz with various colors and designs to suit all tastes and occasions. Whether you're searching for a unique gift for your loved one or a personal piece of jewelry, you're sure to find something beautiful in their collection. Invest in topaz's majestic beauty and symbolic meanings, and experience the luxury of wearing a gemstone that will stand the test of time.