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Ariana Grande's Engagement Ring Pairs an Oval Diamond With Sentimental Pearl December 22, 2020

Pop star Ariana Grande delighted her 14 million Instagram fans on Sunday with the announcement of her engagement to Dalton Gomez and a close-up pic of a pearl-and-diamond engagement ring that seems to have sentimental connections to her late grandfather.

The platinum ring features an elongated oval diamond set at an angle adjacent to a round cultured pearl. Although the "Thank U, Next" singer has yet to confirm the significance of the pearl, eagle-eyed fans connected the dots via a Grande tweet from October of 2014.

Alongside a photo of a simple gold ring, Grande tweeted, “Nonna had a ring made for me w/ the pearl from grandpa’s tie pin. She says he told her in a dream it’d protect me. <3”

It's very possible the pearl from that ring was repurposed for the engagement ring.

Jewelry-industry insiders believe the center stone weighs from 5 to 6 carats and is valued in the range of $150,000 to $300,000, depending on the exact size, color, cut and clarity.

Grande captioned her Instagram engagement announcement "Forever n then some."

Her latest engagement comes two years after her high-profile split with Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson.

In insider told Us Weekly that the 27-year-old Grande is beyond excited about her relationship with Gomez, a 25-year-old who sells high-value real estate in California.

Cultured pearls are typically not used in engagement rings because they are delicate and not suited to daily wear and tear. While a diamond rates 10 on the Mohs hardness scale (it’s the hardest of all gemstones), the pearl earns a 2.5 (one of the softest).

Those looking to mimic Grande's style sense should understand the risks of using a cultured pearl in an engagement ring setting...

• If you wear the ring every day and work with your hands, it’s very likely the pearl will get dinged over time.
• Pearls can be damaged by household products, including vinegar, ammonia and chlorine. They need to be kept away from hairspray, perfume, cosmetics, and even perspiration.
• Always remove a pearl ring when showering, swimming or doing the dishes.
• Consider keeping small ring holders in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and work desk so you are less likely to lose track of the ring if you need to take it off during the day.
• Be prepared to replace the pearl every so often.

Credits: Photos via Instagram/arianagrande.