History of Clodius & Co.

Clodius & Co. Jewelers was born from a dream that Mark and Monika Clodius shared a better way to be a jeweler. Embracing computer technology and challenging long held norms of store design and merchandising Clodius & Co. opened its doors in October of 2000. It was awarded a Heart of Rockford "Best New Business" award that year.

In 2003 Clodius & Co. received national recognition as the recipient of InStore Magazines annual "search" for the country´s best jewelry stores "Coolest Store in America Award". A competition of jewelry stores located across America from New York to L.A., Phoenix to the Carolinas. We tied for first place with a jewelry store in Manhattan, NY.

Clodius & Co. Jewelers has experienced rapid growth, in 8 years it has grown from 800 sq ft. to 7000 sq ft. and is currently the largest jewelry store in Northern Illinois. When asked what has made this growth possible, Mark and Monika believe that it is their combination of real personal service, friendly staff, helping people meet their needs, not just selling to them, stocking a large varied selection of well priced jewelry. The custom design and repair expertise in our store is supported with the many years (approximately 250 years) of experience in our staff. Mark and Monika believe in the community and contribute to many local, regional and national charitable, arts and community organizations, we are contributing to over 90 events on an annual basis.

Clodius & Co. has been recognized in numerous publications ranging from the Rockford Register Star, to the Family Business magazine including jewelry trade publications, Jewelers Circular Keystone, Modern Jeweler, InStore, Manufacturing Jeweler and Professional Jeweler.

Clodius & Co. Jewelers is a member of Buyers International Group, Independent Jewelers Organization, American Gem Trade Association, Business Resource Systems, Polygon International, The Alumni Association of the Gemological Institute of America, Jewelers Mutual Insurance, Natural Color Diamond Industry Association, and the American Gem Society.

At this juncture, after years of being in business for themselves, Mark and Monika have achieved some prominence within the jewelry trade. They currently serve on the board of a national trade show and are featured in national advertising for jewelers systems. They travel twice a year meeting other jewelers across the nation, sharing experiences and working with groups of jewelers to identify and solve problems. They are proud and humbled by their success, it is truly one of those "Only in America" success stories.