We’re part of the community. Have been for years and we’re not going away anytime soon. We invite you to bring your old Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds and Precious Gemstones for a fair, honest appraisal. If you decide to sell you’ll get cash on the spot. No funny business.

Unlike most jewelers, in addition to gold we’re always in the market for silver, platinum, diamonds and precious gemstones too.

You’ll get a fair price if you sell, or if you want, you can trade in your old jewelry and get 50% more value in store credit! It’s a great way to get rid of a piece you no longer wear for something new and exciting.

Yet another option we offer is to take your old jewelry and turn it into something new and custom. Which is another great option.

So you have many options. Stop in today; talk with one of our associates to decide what is best for you.

Trust Clodius & Co. your local jeweler and the eight-time winner of Rockford’s Favorite Jeweler in the annual What Rocks Rockford competition to give you an fair and honest deal.

Contact us today. You can’t go wrong